R.E.M. / Depeche Mode Mix For My Sis

  1. R.E.M. – “Pilgrimage”
  2. Depeche Mode – “Never Let Me Down Again”
  3. R.E.M. – “Fall On Me”
  4. Depeche Mode – “World In My Eyes”
  5. R.E.M. – “Exhuming McCarthy”
  6. R.E.M. – “We Walk”
  7. Depeche Mode – “Behind The Wheel”
  8. Depeche Mode – “Black Celebration”
  9. R.E.M. – “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
  10. R.E.M. – “Radio Free Europe”
  11. Depeche Mode – “Just Can’t Get Enough”
  12. Depeche Mode – “People Are People”
  13. Depeche Mode – “Pimpf”
  14. R.E.M. – “Superman”
  15. Depeche Mode – “Strangelove”
  16. R.E.M. – “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville”

A Sci-Fi Thought

They actually have successfully teleported something. A particle, I believe. Something to do with the weirdnesses of quantum physics, in the way we now already have quantum computing, whatever that is. (Is there any quantum computer in the world not being used to mine Bitcoin, whatever all that is?)

So we may eventually have teleportation. But to my mind — and here’s the sci-fi thought — long, long before we have the ability to teleport a human being (if we ever will, considering the possible merging of science and spirituality one day) we would be teleporting atoms of inorganic material to build stuff, i.e. using teleportation like a 3D printer. But if we can ever get to the stage where we can teleport food, that would make it fairly easy to solve world hunger. By then, all those centuries later, whatever computing is would be so advanced that if we could move food molecules around, we could easily feed anything on the planet with a stomach.

That thing. No real premise for anything. Just a sci-fi thought.

I’m The Only One Who Likes The Gus Van Sant “Psycho”

Maybe too on-brand?

I relate it to the covers theory, that any great music artist can improve on a perfect song by a classic band, because the template’s already there. Ninety percent of the work is done. You’ll even be picking the song you can sing the best. So play it well, and add some new touches. That’s all you have to do.

So it’s not a huge achievement. Not like the original. It’s an experiment. But I think it’s mostly an improvement. He’s providing an alternate viewing experience. But I happen to like the subtle shifts in detail.

In other words, it’s a reshoot of the original, with added subtext. Any of the connections that you feel like making. Why slag that project I have no idea.

Metal Mix

  1. Neurosis – “Purify” (1996) [Atmospheric Sludge Metal]
  2. Oathbreaker – “Clair Obscur” (2013) [Post-Black Metal]
  3. Venom – “Witching Hour” (1981) [Speed Metal]
  4. “This Is Lich King” (2010s) [Thrash Metal]
  5. High On Fire – “Baghdad” (2000) [Stoner Doom Metal]
  6. Sleep – “Leagues Beneath” (2018) [Stoner Doom Metal]