Mountaineers And Charlie Hebdo

This week saw another terrorist attack against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo — or rather against two people the attacker thought worked for Charlie Hebdo. Because of death threats tied to their publishing a cartoon of Mohammad, they moved their offices to a secret location. Obviously they didn’t mention this to any Islamic militants, because a kid from Pakistan showed up where they used to be with a butcher’s knife.

I know that when the first attack happened, in 2015, we all were Charlie Hebdo. Except are we still? How many times will that be necessary?

They’re like mountain climbers. With no real excuse other than, “Because it’s there,” these people who might have families are out there risking their lives for the thrill of it. And if they end up stranded? Even if they survive, they’ve wasted a shit-ton of time and resources getting rescued.

The least Charlie Hebdo can do is back off. Now they’re getting strangers killed.