Journalists, Broadcasters, and Pundits Have Been Cherry-Picking Covid Stats

As we near the election, I find myself exerting a great deal of energy to keep my fellow liberals away from the extremes. I have little tolerance for partisanship. At least these days.

One of the big issues for me is the way Covid statistics have been weaponized, if you will. Anyone who thinks about it should realize that a big or populous country will give you different stats. Now if you go to Google and type in “covid statistics”, you can sort the information that they’ve compiled (from sources like the NY Times and the Wikipedia) in all sorts of ways, but in four major ways. Number of cases worldwide, number of deaths worldwide, average number of cases per million, and average number of deaths per million. As you might guess, the numbers are different when you eliminate the size of a country as a variable. Here are the first five countries in each of those lists.

The Sicilian Defense

1.e4 c5, or, in other words, Black playing a pawn to c5 to counter White’s opening move of pawn to e4. Controlling the four center squares is key to establishing a good position in the opening game. While this often involves trading pawns, responding to e4 with c5 keeps pressure on the d4 square, but doesn’t leave the pawn hanging.

In The MCU, The Next Thanos Might Be Galactus

We never get to see Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, from 2007. Marvel’s coolest villain (IMO) is only shown surrounded by a giant cloud of asteroids.

A tacit acknowledgement that some Marvel-related movies must suck in order that others may not.

But here is what Galactus looks like in the comics, to give you an idea of what to look forward to in the MCU future.

Galactus was originally the explorer Galan of the planet Taa, which existed in the prime pre-Big Bang universe. When an unknown cosmic cataclysm gradually begins killing off all of the other life in his universe, Galan and other survivors leave Taa on a spacecraft and are engulfed in the Big Crunch. Galan, however, does not die: after bonding with the Sentience of the Universe, he changes and gestates for billions of years in an egg made of the debris of his ship that the current universe formed after the Big Bang. He emerges as Galactus, and though a Watcher observed Galactus’s birth and recognizes his destructive nature, the Watcher chooses not to kill Galactus. Starving for sustenance, Galactus consumes the nearby planet of Archeopia—the first of many planets he would destroy to maintain his existence. (Wikipedia)