Arctic Outpost AM 1270, broadcasting from the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, from the northernmost settlement in the world, the town of Longyearbyen. (“Spinning the 78’s from 77° latitude.”) To pick the feed up, there are various Android and iOS apps, and most of them have corresponding websites. I use Radio Garden, both on the PC and on the Android tablet. There is also TuneIn, myTuner, and the Simple Radio app.

Cal Lockwood (not his real name) is the host, and, as he must sleep, his bits are understandably recorded. Apparently no one on Svalbard has ever seen him. He’s a mythical local character. AM 1270 is the cheery vibe of ballroom music, big band jazz, old standards, etc, echoing through the isolated wastes near the North Pole. Who knows how many people keep warm and cozy up there to Cal’s station. It’s what I listen to when I sleep.