Final Fantasy OST Mix

00:00​ Prelude (FFVII / FFVII Remake)
03:02​ Main Theme (FFXII)
06:04​ Shinra’s Theme (FFVII Remake)
09:47​ And You! (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn)
12:21​ One-Winged Angel (Rebirth) (FFVII Remake)
22:30​ Crab Warden (FFVII Remake)
28:54​ Midgar (City Of Mako) (FFVII Remake)
33:03​ Metashield Deployed (FFXIII-2)
34:13​ Main Theme (FFVII Remake)
39:35​ Dewdrops At Dawn (FFXV)

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