Creating A YouTube Video With A “Transparent” Background

As you can see, that isn’t white. White, in RGB (red, green, blue) is FFFFFF. (The pattern is RRGGBB. Three numbers in hexadecimal. It can also be written out in decimal, as (255,255,255).) But, again, that isn’t white. If I wanted to create a cool effect with my YouTube video, of using a symbol or something of that nature, surrounded by a white background, so that it would make the symbol float above the playlist, I couldn’t use the actual color I thought I was looking at. It took so long to get the effect to work. Not because it’s difficult to go and grab a free color picker app, but because my mind is a fear and loathing coleslaw that sometimes drags its feet like a mofo. Also, there’s three off-white colors used by YouTube in their interface. So I first had to make the same error in logic a couple of times before realizing I had to use the color picker on the actual video page. Anyway, the color you want to use is F9F9F9, or (249,249,249).

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