The Invading Ocean

I shook my head at Alan. “You’ll have to tell me. I’ve been trying to figure it out for two weeks. What’s behind the enclosure?”

Alan shivered. “Don’t worry about it. Shift change is in ten minutes.”

“Come on, man. No one ever talks about it.” I sat back down in front of the panel of occasionally-flashing buttons.

“Something you wouldn’t believe anyway. A bio experiment gone horribly wrong. There’s nothing in there at all now except a very dense mass of baby spiders. Like if you … compressed them.” He shivered again.

I heard the door clang shut. “The next guys must be coming in.”

“Yeah. Or else they’ve auto-sealed and the enclosure’s about to drop.” He smiled and looked up. We both saw that no one was coming.

The thick walls of the enclosure dropped. Topping it was a living dark mass. The lights failed.

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