The Jessica Chastain Paradox

It’s true that we can’t have real equity in Hollywood in terms of how a woman’s appearance is judged when women remain commodities in storytelling, but since that commodification is central to visual storytelling, it’s useless to work against that.

I know what Jessica Chastain means when she talks about this issue, but she neglects to point out that she’s in the position she is because she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. Someone so beautiful that you would gladly go out of your way to follow her through a storyline. But if she makes a point of not being a commodity sexually, it will be less and less easy to sit through her movies. If it’s undeniable that for part of the audience the number one priority is wishing they could make it with Jessica Chastain, then you’re immediately alienating part of the people who give their money to the studio.

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