Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronology

This is a text file that I keep, gleaned from the excellent Google spreadsheet MCU Viewing Order which is really the first stop for this information. I’ve excluded things like the Burger King commercials, or the ninety-second YouTube videos related to such-and-such movie.

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger
  2. Agent Carter S01E01 Now Is Not The End
  3. Agent Carter S01E02 Bridge And Tunnel
  4. Agent Carter S01E03 Time And Tide
  5. Agent Carter S01E04 The Blitzkrieg Button
  6. Agent Carter S01E05 The Iron Ceiling
  7. Agent Carter S01E06 A Sin To Err
  8. Agent Carter S01E07 Snafu
  9. Agent Carter S01E08 Valediction
  10. Agent Carter S02E01 The Lady In The Lake
  11. Agent Carter S02E02 A View In The Dark
  12. Agent Carter S02E03 Better Angels
  13. Agent Carter S02E04 Smoke & Mirrors
  14. Agent Carter S02E05 The Atomic Job
  15. Agent Carter S02E06 Life Of The Party
  16. Agent Carter S02E07 Monsters
  17. Agent Carter S02E08 The Edge Of Mystery
  18. Agent Carter S02E09 Little Song And Dance
  19. Agent Carter S02E10 Hollywood Ending
  20. Agent Carter
  21. Iron Man
  22. Iron Man 2
  23. The Incredible Hulk
  24. The Consultant
  25. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer
  26. Thor
  27. The Avengers
  28. Item 47
  29. Iron Man 3
  30. All Hail The King
  31. Agents Of SHIELD S01E01 Pilot
  32. Agents Of SHIELD S01E02 0-8-4
  33. Agents Of SHIELD S01E03 The Asset
  34. Agents Of SHIELD S01E04 Eye Spy
  35. Agents Of SHIELD S01E05 Girl In The Flower Dress
  36. Agents Of SHIELD S01E06 FZZT
  37. Agents Of SHIELD S01E07 The Hub
  38. Thor: The Dark World
  39. Agents Of SHIELD S01E08 The Well
  40. Agents Of SHIELD S01E09 Repairs
  41. Agents Of SHIELD S01E10 The Bridge
  42. Agents Of SHIELD S01E11 The Magical Place
  43. Agents Of SHIELD S01E12 Seeds
  44. Agents Of SHIELD S01E13 TRACKS
  45. Agents Of SHIELD S01E14 TAHITI
  46. Agents Of SHIELD S01E15 Yes Men
  47. Agents Of SHIELD S01E16 End Of The Beginning
  48. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  49. Agents Of SHIELD S01E17 Turn, Turn, Turn
  50. Agents Of SHIELD S01E18 Providence
  51. Agents Of SHIELD S01E19 The Only Light In The Darkness
  52. Agents Of SHIELD S01E20 Nothing Personal
  53. Agents Of SHIELD S01E21 Ragtag
  54. Agents Of SHIELD S01E22 Beginning Of The End
  55. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  56. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
  57. Daredevil S01E01 Into The Ring
  58. Daredevil S01E02 Cut Man
  59. Daredevil S01E03 Rabbit In A Snowstorm
  60. Daredevil S01E04 In The Blood
  61. Daredevil S01E05 World On Fire
  62. Daredevil S01E06 Condemned
  63. Daredevil S01E07 Stick
  64. Daredevil S01E08 Shadows In The Glass
  65. Daredevil S01E09 Speak Of The Devil
  66. Daredevil S01E10 Nelson v Murdock
  67. Daredevil S01E11 The Path Of The Righteous
  68. Daredevil S01E12 The Ones We Leave Behind
  69. Daredevil S01E13 Daredevil
  70. Agents Of SHIELD S02E01 Shadows
  71. Agents Of SHIELD S02E02 Heavy Is The Head
  72. Agents Of SHIELD S02E03 Making Friends And Influencing People
  73. Agents Of SHIELD S02E04 I Will Face My Enemy
  74. Agents Of SHIELD S02E05 A Hen In The Wolf House
  75. Agents Of SHIELD S02E06 A Fractured House
  76. Agents Of SHIELD S02E07 The Writing On The Wall
  77. Agents Of SHIELD S02E08 The Things We Bury
  78. Agents Of SHIELD S02E09 Ye Who Enter Here
  79. Agents Of SHIELD S02E10 What They Become
  80. Jessica Jones S01E01 AKA Ladies Night
  81. Jessica Jones S01E02 AKA Crush Syndrome
  82. Jessica Jones S01E03 AKA It’s Called Whiskey
  83. Jessica Jones S01E04 AKA 99 Friends
  84. Jessica Jones S01E05 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me
  85. Jessica Jones S01E06 AKA You’re A Winner
  86. Jessica Jones S01E07 AKA Top Shelf Perverts
  87. Jessica Jones S01E08 AKA WWJD?
  88. Jessica Jones S01E09 AKA Sin Bin
  89. Jessica Jones S01E10 AKA 1,000 Cuts
  90. Jessica Jones S01E11 AKA I’ve Got The Blues
  91. Jessica Jones S01E12 AKA Take A Bloody Number
  92. Jessica Jones S01E13 AKA Smile
  93. Agents Of SHIELD S02E11 Aftershocks
  94. Agents Of SHIELD S02E12 Who You Really Are
  95. Agents Of SHIELD S02E13 One Of Us
  96. Agents Of SHIELD S02E14 Love In The Time Of Hydra
  97. Agents Of SHIELD S02E15 One Door Closes
  98. Agents Of SHIELD S02E16 Afterlife
  99. Agents Of SHIELD S02E17 Melinda
  100. Agents Of SHIELD S02E18 The Frenemy Of My Enemy
  101. Agents Of SHIELD S02E19 The Dirty Half Dozen
  102. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  103. Agents Of SHIELD S02E20 Scars
  104. Agents Of SHIELD S02E21 SOS Pt 1
  105. Agents Of SHIELD S02E22 SOS Pt 2
  106. Daredevil S02E01 Bang
  107. Daredevil S02E02 Dogs To A Gunfight
  108. Daredevil S02E03 New York’s Finest
  109. Daredevil S02E04 Penny And Dime
  110. Luke Cage S01E01 Moment Of Truth
  111. Luke Cage S01E02 Code Of The Streets
  112. Luke Cage S01E03 Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?
  113. Luke Cage S01E04 Step In The Arena
  114. Daredevil S02E05 Kinbaku
  115. Daredevil S02E06 Regrets Only
  116. Daredevil S02E07 Semper Fidelis
  117. Daredevil S02E08 Guilty As Sin
  118. Daredevil S02E09 Seven Minutes In Heaven
  119. Daredevil S02E10 The Man In The Box
  120. Daredevil S02E11 .380
  121. Luke Cage S01E05 Just To Get A Rep
  122. Luke Cage S01E06 Suckas Need Bodyguards
  123. Luke Cage S01E07 Manifest
  124. Luke Cage S01E08 Blowin’ Up The Spot
  125. Daredevil S02E12 The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
  126. Daredevil S02E13 A Cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen
  127. Luke Cage S01E09 DWYCK
  128. Luke Cage S01E10 Take It Personal
  129. Luke Cage S01E11 Now You’re Mine
  130. Luke Cage S01E12 Soliloquy Of Chaos
  131. Luke Cage S01E13 You Know My Steez
  132. Ant-Man
  133. Agents Of SHIELD S03E01 Laws Of Nature
  134. Agents Of SHIELD S03E02 Purpose In The Machine
  135. Agents Of SHIELD S03E03 A Wanted (Inhu)man
  136. Agents Of SHIELD S03E04 Devils You Know
  137. Agents Of SHIELD S03E05 4,772 Hours
  138. Agents Of SHIELD S03E06 Among Us Hide
  139. Agents Of SHIELD S03E07 Chaos Theory
  140. Agents Of SHIELD S03E08 Many Heads, One Tale
  141. Agents Of SHIELD S03E09 Closure
  142. Agents Of SHIELD S03E10 Maveth
  143. Agents Of SHIELD S03E11 Bouncing Back
  144. Agents Of SHIELD S03E12 The Inside Man
  145. Agents Of SHIELD S03E13 Parting Shot
  146. Agents Of SHIELD S03E14 Watchdogs
  147. Agents Of SHIELD S03E15 Spacetime
  148. Agents Of SHIELD S03E16 Paradise Lost
  149. Agents Of SHIELD S03E17 The Team
  150. Agents Of SHIELD S03E18 The Singularity
  151. Agents Of SHIELD S03E19 Failed Experiments
  152. Iron Fist S01E01 Snow Gives Way
  153. Iron Fist S01E02 Shadow Hawk Takes Flight
  154. Iron Fist S01E03 Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch
  155. Iron Fist S01E04 Eight Diagram Dragon Palm
  156. Iron Fist S01E05 Under Leaf Pluck Lotus
  157. Iron Fist S01E06 Immortal Emerges From Cave
  158. Iron Fist S01E07 Felling Tree With Roots
  159. Iron Fist S01E08 The Blessing Of Many Fractures
  160. Iron Fist S01E09 The Mistress Of All Agonies
  161. Iron Fist S01E10 Black Tiger Steals Heart
  162. Iron Fist S01E11 Lead Horse Back To Stable
  163. Iron Fist S01E12 Bar The Big Boss
  164. Iron Fist S01E13 Dragon Plays With Fire
  165. Captain America: Civil War
  166. Agents Of SHIELD S03E20 Emancipation
  167. Black Panther
  168. Agents Of SHIELD S03E21 Absolution
  169. Agents Of SHIELD S03E22 Ascension
  170. The Defenders S01E01 The H Word
  171. The Defenders S01E02 Mean Right Hook
  172. The Defenders S01E03 Worst Behavior
  173. The Defenders S01E04 Royal Dragon
  174. The Defenders S01E05 Take Shelter
  175. The Defenders S01E06 Ashes, Ashes
  176. The Defenders S01E07 Fish In The Jailhouse
  177. The Defenders S01E08 The Defenders
  178. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  179. The Punisher S01E01 3 AM
  180. The Punisher S01E02 Two Dead Men
  181. The Punisher S01E03 Kandahar
  182. The Punisher S01E04 Resupply
  183. The Punisher S01E05 Gunner
  184. The Punisher S01E06 The Judas Goat
  185. The Punisher S01E07 Crosshairs
  186. The Punisher S01E08 Cold Steel
  187. The Punisher S01E09 Front Towards Enemy
  188. The Punisher S01E10 Virtue Of The Vicious
  189. The Punisher S01E11 Danger Close
  190. The Punisher S01E12 Home
  191. The Punisher S01E13 Memento Mori
  192. Jessica Jones S02E01 AKA Start At The Beginning
  193. Jessica Jones S02E02 AKA Freak Accident
  194. Jessica Jones S02E03 AKA Sole Survivor
  195. Jessica Jones S02E04 AKA God Help The Hobo
  196. Jessica Jones S02E05 AKA The Octopus
  197. Jessica Jones S02E06 AKA Facetime
  198. Jessica Jones S02E07 AKA I Want Your Cray Cray
  199. Jessica Jones S02E08 AKA Ain’t We Got Fun
  200. Jessica Jones S02E09 AKA Shark In The Bathtub, Monster In The Bed
  201. Jessica Jones S02E10 AKA Pork Chop
  202. Jessica Jones S02E11 AKA Three Lives And Counting
  203. Jessica Jones S02E12 AKA Pray For My Patsy
  204. Jessica Jones S02E13 AKA Playland
  205. Agents Of SHIELD S04E01 The Ghost
  206. Agents Of SHIELD S04E02 Meet The New Boss
  207. Agents Of SHIELD S04E03 Uprising
  208. Agents Of SHIELD S04E04 Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire
  209. Agents Of SHIELD S04E05 Lockup
  210. Agents Of SHIELD S04E06 The Good Samaritan
  211. Doctor Strange
  212. Agents Of SHIELD S04E07 Deals With Our Devils
  213. Agents Of SHIELD S04E08 The Laws Of Inferno Dynamics
  214. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E01 Vendetta
  215. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E02 John Hancock
  216. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E03 Progress
  217. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E04 Reunion
  218. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E05 Deal Breaker
  219. Agents Of SHIELD Slingshot S01E06 Justicia
  220. Thor: Ragnarok
  221. Agents Of SHIELD S04E09 Broken Promises
  222. Agents Of SHIELD S04E10 The Patriot
  223. Agents Of SHIELD S04E11 Wake Up
  224. Agents Of SHIELD S04E12 Hot Potato Soup
  225. Agents Of SHIELD S04E13 BOOM
  226. Agents Of SHIELD S04E14 The Man Behind The Shield
  227. Agents Of SHIELD S04E15 Self Control
  228. Agents Of SHIELD S04E16 What If
  229. Agents Of SHIELD S04E17 Identity And Change
  230. Agents Of SHIELD S04E18 No Regrets
  231. Agents Of SHIELD S04E19 All The Madame’s Men
  232. Agents Of SHIELD S04E20 Farewell, Cruel World!
  233. Agents Of SHIELD S04E21 The Return
  234. Agents Of SHIELD S04E22 World’s End
  235. Inhumans S01E01 Behold, The Inhumans
  236. Inhumans S01E02 Those Who Would Destroy Us
  237. Inhumans S01E03 Divide And Conquer
  238. Inhumans S01E04 Make Way For Medusa
  239. Inhumans S01E05 Something Inhuman This Way Comes
  240. Inhumans S01E06 The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon
  241. Inhumans S01E07 Havoc In The Hidden Land
  242. Inhumans S01E08 And Finally, Black Bolt
  243. Runaways S01E01 Reunion
  244. Runaways S01E02 Rewind
  245. Runaways S01E03 Destiny
  246. Runaways S01E04 Fifteen
  247. Runaways S01E05 Kingdom
  248. Runaways S01E06 Metamorphosis
  249. Runaways S01E07 Refraction
  250. Runaways S01E08 Tsunami
  251. Runaways S01E09 Doomsday
  252. Runaways S01E10 Hostile
  253. Cloak And Dagger S01E01 First Light
  254. Cloak And Dagger S01E02 Suicide Sprints
  255. Cloak And Dagger S01E03 Stained Glass
  256. Agents Of SHIELD S05E01 Orientation Part 1
  257. Agents Of SHIELD S05E02 Orientation Part 2
  258. Agents Of SHIELD S05E03 A Life Spent
  259. Agents Of SHIELD S05E04 A Life Earned
  260. Agents Of SHIELD S05E05 Rewind
  261. Agents Of SHIELD S05E06 Fun & Games
  262. Agents Of SHIELD S05E07 Together Or Not At All
  263. Agents Of SHIELD S05E08 The Last Day
  264. Agents Of SHIELD S05E09 Best Laid Plans
  265. Agents Of SHIELD S05E10 Past Life
  266. Agents Of SHIELD S05E11 All The Comforts Of Home
  267. Agents Of SHIELD S05E12 The Real Deal
  268. Agents Of SHIELD S05E13 Principia
  269. Agents Of SHIELD S05E14 The Devil Complex
  270. Agents Of SHIELD S05E15 Rise And Shine
  271. Agents Of SHIELD S05E16 Inside Voices
  272. Agents Of SHIELD S05E17 The Honeymoon
  273. Agents Of SHIELD S05E18 All Roads Lead
  274. Agents Of SHIELD S05E19 Option Two
  275. Agents Of SHIELD S05E20 The One Who Will Save Us All
  276. Agents Of SHIELD S05E21 The Force Of Gravity
  277. Agents Of SHIELD S05E22 The End
  278. Avengers: Infinity War