My name is Ian Rastall. I live in beautiful St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. Here with me is Lucy Liu, my little calico. The Fooliosity is a hub, really, for other sites, as well as a place to organize my smaller projects. Thank you for visiting.

My main website is Bookstacks. I've been running it on my own since October of 2002. Every Bookstacks PDF is of public domain material from Project Gutenberg — who freely encourage re-use, while not requiring attribution. I make them with OpenOffice Writer, which is all you need. It makes a difference, though. It's gotten about three hundred people a day going by without fail since I started it. Mostly from Brazil, but all over the world. I've started putting some ePubs up, as well as single-file HTML versions — the whole book as one file, not a lot of HTML versions walking in single file (to hide their numbers, probably).

My latest project is the Film Catalog, which collects information about movies, but doesn't include reviews or my own ratings. (The ones up there are derived from the IMDb's.) Adding movies is fairly easy as a result. (I don't have to watch them.)

There's also the Art Wall, which displays public domain classic paintings from artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, and Rembrandt. It's all loaded on one page, so going through the site should be a breeze.

My YouTube page is where I'm putting up mix projects that wouldn't get taken down. Here on the Fooliosity I put the stuff I couldn't put on YouTube. That was one of the reasons for getting the web space. I figure that since there's no ads, no one would be irritated by it.

The links are up at the top. I've added a few pages with icons and character entity codes for HTML. They're pretty ubiquitous lists here on the interwebs, but these go to eleven. (They're searchable. And they look cool.) There's also information about my close and personal friend schizoaffective disorder, and a discography of Gong-related bands from (mostly) the 1970s, when prog was still a thing.

My imagined audience for the Fooliosity are travelers and people in remote areas of the world. Cheers to them especially. I hope the time flows comfortably while they're here.

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