My name is Ian Rastall. I live in beautiful St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. Here with me is Lucy Liu, my little calico. The Fooliosity is a hub, really, for other sites, as well as a place to collect writing, images, etc. Thank you for visiting.

My main website is Bookstacks. I've been running it on my own since October of 2002. Every Bookstacks PDF is of public domain material from Project Gutenberg — who freely encourage re-use, while not requiring attribution. In that spirit, I leave the PDFs clear of any sort of advertising or branding. Same goes for the website. I'm also starting to add ePubs and single, plain HTML versions.

My latest project is the Film Catalog, which collects information about movies, including the IMDb rating, but doesn't include reviews or my own ratings. Adding movies is fairly easy as a result. (I don't have to watch them.) So even though there's only two hundred or so entries right now, there should be closer to a thousand by the end of the year.

My YouTube page is where I'm putting up mix projects that wouldn't get taken down. Here on the Fooliosity I put the stuff I couldn't put on YouTube. That was one of the reasons for getting the web space. I figure that since there's no ads, no one would be irritated by it.

My cat