Robert Downey Jr Wants You To Know That He Hates Your Blog

My earliest memory of RDJ is the movie Less Than Zero. I was so impressed by it the first time I had seen it — especially Robert Downey Jr, who became a bit of an idol, in his fab bloodstain shirt — I was like, I’ll impress my girlfriend with this movie. She and I were with her family, visiting her uncle’s family over Christmas. He was a Methodist minister. For my girl and I it was a wonderful experience. My introduction to spooning. Our kisses in the winter cornfields across the road. And watching Less Than Zero on Christmas Eve with the minister’s family. “What’s happening, Dad?” — “The man is performing oral sex on the other man, in order to pay for drugs.” That was a tense moment.

I could relate to RDJ’s descent into addiction, though I never did take to cocaine the way he did. I think I was aware of how little I could afford. He was aware of how much he could. I guess that’s something else to relate to. Fiscal awareness. But I do get the impression he hates blogs and bloggers, so though there’s nothing here in this post to really say, I thought I’d be deliberately annoying.

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