Brief History Of 90s Music Via Dialogue

“1987 was the year for music. That’s when you didn’t have to worry about whether or not there was inspiration out there. Everything that came out was good. But that dried up by 1990.”

“That was a bad year?”

“It wasn’t 1987. There was a brief resurgence around 1992, but that was just the last gasp of underground music. Then it turned into alternative rock, which was radio music. Alternative rock took out all the elements that landed bands in small venues, and highlighted the elements that got bands the big arenas.”

“But there was indie rock.”

“I think of indie rock as if you took 80s underground rock and made it boring.”


“Electronic made the most ground. There was The Orb and Aphex Twin in ’92 with the ambient renaissance. And big beat came along around 1997. That was just edited breakbeats.”

“A lot of potential in that one?”

“Very little. The whole genre was gone within two years.”

“What about hip-hop?”

“I don’t know. I don’t really listen to hip-hop.”

“What about country music?”

I laugh.

“What about classical music?”

“In the 1700s the talented musicians were trying to make it in classical music. Now they’re trying to make it in rock. End of story.”

“What about jazz?”

“Soft jazz at that point. Nothing of interest.”

“What about blues?”

“I have no idea. Ask some guy going through a mid-life crisis.”

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